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Digg Censoring 9/11 Truth

I’ve been using Digg for quite some time, and I’m planning to boycott them and switch to something else. The reason why?

Digg is big on censorship. They bury stories that aren’t approved by mainstream media, even though they’ve got tons of diggs. So articles from infowars.com, prisonplanet.com and other truth sites will usually never make the front page even if they’ve got hundreds of votes within 24 hours.

Just compare these searches:

Alex Jones, on a regular Digg search, which has five posts with 100+ diggs.

When you include buried stories, it shows twenty posts with 100+ diggs!

Infowars.com, on a regular Digg search, has three pages worth of posts.

But they buried the other five pages of posts!

Clearly, the Digg ranking system is rigged to favor top posters, which have a certain political bent. I can guarantee you it’s pro-9/11 liar.

We need to boycott Digg and start using other social networking sites.

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  1. Steve
    08/22/2007 at 3:39 pm

    If it was pro 9/11 liar, then all your posts would be at the top. Your theories have little to know basis in science. You take a small amount of knowledge, and you are dangerous in your misunderstandings.

    The destruction explanation of the twin towers is reasonable. What are my qualifications? I hold a BS and an MS in Materials Engineering which is the study of the properties and failure of materials like steel and concrete. Now, if I am telling you that it is reasonable and you ignore me and my bretheren, then you are just living in a fantasy land.



    Having a BS, MS or a PhD in something relevant to 9/11 doesn’t qualify you as being honest or even correct. NIST did an investigation, but the 9/11 families brought up the evidence such as the firefighters who claimed they had heard explosions on site. As a result, NIST is redoing their investigation.

    Believe the mainstream media. Believe every lie that they tell you, watch FOX, CNN, and O’Reilly, and continue in the war on terror and its paranoia. But the fact is, 9/11 was a demolition, it was an inside job. And nobody can deny that scientifically, because it looks exactly like every demolition throughout history. Fire can’t melt steel at that temperature – it won’t even buckle until about 500 degrees hotter than the maximum burning temperature of jet fuel. And there is so much evidence – traces of thermite and thermate, a cut girder at the bottom (at a 45 degree angle like they use in demolitions)…you have to wake up, suck in your pride and realize that you’ve been tricked and lied to.

    Argue your point Steve…prove me wrong. Argue the facts, don’t just claim to be the god of all that is 9/11.

    And if you get a chance, do a little research:


  2. 08/22/2007 at 4:02 pm

    Great Article,
    I totally agree with you about Digg Censoring anything from infowars.com or anything about 9-11 Truth. Once I learned about this I went out and bought http://www.diggcensorship.com
    currently the site just goes to a major article that had probably the most diggs on any story about 9-11 Truth and it never made the front page. If you would be interested in using the domain name and linking to this article, or coming up with an idea for the site let me know. I won’t charge you taking over the domain name. Let me know
    you can email me at

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