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Polish Military: Crash Site Video Authentic

Investigation of popular Rastych video confirms amateur footage real


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Thursday, May 6, 2010

During a recent press conference the Military Prosecutor’s Office informed of new findings in the investigation into the presidential plane crash. It turns out that the amateur video of the crash site is authentic, and onboard the aircraft there could be up to five black boxes.

They have so far claimed four, but five black boxes were on board the TU-154, which crashed on April 10 near Smolensk. The most recently found box is already in Poland, and is being tested by experts from the Institute of Military Technology. We still do not know what time the crash occurred, or what was its cause. The precise time of the Smolensk disaster is still unknown. It is known that fuel was sufficient, and that the investigation has already interviewed sixty witnesses, according to the District Military Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw.

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During a special press conference investigators also confirmed that the video of the crash site was not manipulated, and may also contain authentic audio. We were informed that the Military District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw is continuing the investigation – examining witnesses and analyzing documents related to the flight.


Your Tax Dollars At Work: BlackWater Attacking Civilians Randomly

Who are the terrorists now? Gee, I thought it was the Al-Qaeda/Bin Laden/Iraqi/Muslim terrorist forces. And if you don’t believe that, you’re a terrorist! :)

The real terrorists, my friends, are those running the show at the White House, the Pentagon, the Senate, the Bilderbergs, the Bohemian Club, Skulls and Bones, and the Illuminati. Let’s watch their minions illegally shoot randomly at civilians now. Even though they got fired by the new Iraqi administration, they aren’t leaving…